An ecommerce business is a reasonably low-risk way to establish your new enterprise in England and Wales. Whether you are an entrepreneur or have a hobby you want to turn into a business, online trading is quick and easy to establish.

First, however, you must comply with the appropriate consumer laws. LegalVision’s experienced online business lawyers help you correctly set up your new business. We can advise on:

  • ecommerce law, internet law, consumer law compliance and business structuring;
  • distance selling regulations;
  • GDPR, privacy policies, data security and personal information data protection;
  • electronic commerce.

We can help you to draft

  • your website terms and conditions;
  • vendor contracts; and
  • service agreements for other distributors and service providers.

We can also provide legal advice on protecting your intellectual property rights, including registering trade marks.

The LegalVision team understands online sales and internet regulations and in recent years has assisted thousands of B2B and B2C clients with establishing and growing their website. We also offer price certainty, guaranteeing peace of mind as you establish your new online business.

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Our Services

Drafting and Reviewing Online Business Documents

We can draft and review all types of documents needed to set up and run an e-commerce or online business, including Website Privacy Policy, Website Terms of Use, Website User Agreements and Business Terms and Conditions.

Advising on Online Privacy and Data Regulations

If you run a business that stores or transmits personal information overseas, you may be required to adhere to data protection regulations in different jurisdictions. Our team can advise you on whether privacy laws applies to your business.

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