If you are a founder or co founder of a startup, you are undoubtedly excited about the opportunities for your business. However, as your business grows, it is worth knowing:

  • where and how to source venture capital; 
  • which business structure will suit you best;
  • protecting your intellectual property; and 
  • how to attract and fund top new employees.

Having originated as a startup, LegalVision understands emerging companies and is well-positioned to help you succeed.

Raising Capital

When you establish a startup, raising venture capital can be challenging. Entrepreneurs need funds from an appropriate source to launch their idea to market. This is where LegalVision’s experienced capital raising team comes in. We can help you:

  • negotiate with investors;
  • provide advice on capital raising and corporate governance;
  • draft and review term sheets, shareholder agreements and subscription agreements; and
  • set up a cap table.  


Business Structure

Choosing the best structure for your business is one of your most important decisions when establishing your startup. It affects how you operate your business and the ease of gaining finance.

Here, LegalVision’s startup team can assist you with:

  • structuring both your personal and business shareholding;
  • setting up company structures;
  • reviewing and drafting shareholders agreements;
  • share vesting; and 
  • establishing a discretionary or family trust.


Employee Share Schemes (ESS)

An ESS is an excellent way for a startup to attract, retain and incentivise key staff. You can offer employees shares or options to buy shares in your new business. An ESS can also help startups and small businesses close the gap between a startup salary and the equivalent corporate salary.

LegalVision’s experienced startup lawyers can assist you with:

  • advice on how to set up an ESS;
  • drafting the relevant ESS documentation, including option plans, offer letters and non disclosure agreements;
  • advising on tax benefits, issues, concessions and deductions; and
  • determining the appropriate market value and vesting criteria.

LegalVision’s experienced startup team has helped thousands of clients, from tech startups to other early stage startup businesses. Our legal services have played a crucial role in their financing and structuring. We can also provide legal advice on how to protect your intellectual property.

Our membership model provides a fixed fees structure, so you can rest assured you will not blow your budget on legal spend. So call our law firm today on 0808 196 8584 and let us help you achieve your startup dreams.

Our Services

Capital Raising

Our team have assisted hundreds of startups raise capital, from Family and Friends Round through to Series C and beyond. We can draft and review term sheets and shareholders agreements as well as help set up your cap table and employee share scheme.

Startup Structuring

Choosing the right business structure for your startup is crucial to your success. We can assist with choosing the right structure, draft and review your documents and establish a holding company or discretionary trust if needed. We can also advise on share vesting and option plans.

Employee Share Schemes

If you are looking to attract, incentivise and retain staff, we can help you implement an employee share scheme (ESS) or employee share option plan (ESOP). We can also help determine appropriate vesting criteria and market value.

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