A creditor can recover debt in a number of ways, including a formal default notice, a pre-action letter, the engagement of a debt collector or commencing court proceedings. Most outstanding debts are collected without going to court. Engaging a debt recovery lawyer is an effective way of collecting outstanding debts and improving the cash-flow of your business and minimising future non-payment issues from arising.

LegalVision’s disputes lawyers can assist at all stages of the debt recovery process, including:

  • drafting or responding to pre-action letters;
  • initiating a claim in court; and
  • assisting with enforcement options relating to judgment.

LegalVision’s team of disputes lawyers have a broad range of experience with debt recovery matters and providing cost-effective debt collection services. Unlike a debt collection agency, we do not charge commission. We offer fixed fees and use technology to provide our clients with a cost-effective option for recovering money owed to their businesses. If you would like to request assistance with recovering bad debts or seeking legal advice, get in contact with our team today.

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We can provide advice on how to recover debts from suppliers, customers and other third parties.

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