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What is Minority Shareholder Oppression in England and Wales?

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As a company with shareholders in England and Wales, it is useful to know about minority shareholder oppression. This is an important aspect of making sure that your shareholders feel valued, and it can also help you avoid legal action from minority shareholders. This is an issue that is most common in private companies (in […] Read more >

What Does the ® Symbol Mean in the UK?

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What is Sole Proprietorship in England and Wales?

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How Does a Company Director Get Paid in England and Wales?

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What are Differential Voting Rights in England?

Corporate Articles
As a company looking to issue shares, you may consider issuing certain shares with differential voting rights (DVR). Shares with differential voting rights give superior voting rights to certain classes of shareholders and can be helpful in several situations. Above all, they give certain members more significant control over the company’s strategy while helping prevent […] Read more >


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