As your business grows, no doubt so does the number of commercial contracts you need to work with. Whether they are for suppliers, customers or your employees, a well-drafted agreement should contain contract terms and conditions that:

  • protect your business from contract disputes; and 
  • spell out clearly defined rights and consequences if issues arise. 

So, it is beneficial to have an experienced contract lawyer who understands your legal requirements on your side. They can draft a legally binding agreement and review 3rd party contracts to ensure they meet your business needs.

At LegalVision, our contract lawyers have helped thousands of businesses prepare and review a wide range of contracts, including:

  • confidentiality agreements;
  • commercial agreements;
  • distribution and supply agreements;
  • employment contracts
  • contractor agreements;
  • franchise agreements;
  • business partnership agreements;
  • licence agreements;
  • loan agreements;
  • sale of business agreements;
  • service and consultancy agreements;
  • shareholders agreements; and
  • training contracts.

LegalVision’s expert commercial contract lawyers have your best interests in mind. 

For assistance with your business contracts, contact our commercial lawyers today on 0808 196 8584 or complete the form on this page.

Our Services

Drafting Contracts

We can draft all types of commercial and business contracts, including Business Terms and Conditions, Client Agreement, Competition Terms and Conditions, Confidentiality Agreement (NDA), Consignment Agreement, Contractor Agreement, Distribution Agreement, Equipment Hire Agreement, IT Reseller Agreement, Labour Hire Agreement, Licence Agreement, Manufacturing Agreement, Referral Agreement, Service Agreement, Supply Agreement and Trade Promotion Terms and Conditions.

Reviewing and Negotiating Contracts

We can advise you on any existing contracts as well as help you negotiate any new contracts given to you by another party where you are asked to sign and seek legal advice. We will take the time to ensure your contracts are suitable not only for your industry, but also your business’ circumstances and growth plans.

Resolving Breaches of Contract

In the circumstances where another party breaches your contract, we can assist you in resolving the manner in a cost-effective and timely manner. Our team have significant success negotiating out of court settlements to ensure any disruption to your business is minimised.

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