Whether you are a business seeking to lease a commercial property, or a commercial landlord, your new lease should be fair and balanced for both parties. Commercial leasing should also consider eventualities that may occur during the lease term, such as rent review. 

LegalVision’s experienced commercial lawyers can help ensure your retail or commercial leases are fair and provide practical solutions for your lease agreement. Our specialist team can help you to negotiate the terms of your lease, including:

  • understanding landlord tenant law requirements;
  • reviewing the tenant lease or heads of agreement;
  • negotiating the terms, including future lease renewals and identifying potential amendments;
  • rent deposits;
  • drafting the lease agreement;
  • reviewing any additional documents, such as licence agreements;
  • assisting with surrendering a lease; and
  • managing your leasing portfolio.

LegalVision’s property and commercial lease lawyers have assisted thousands of business clients with a wide range of commercial property leases. Our team has assisted everything from small to medium-sized entities to franchisors, corporates and shopping centres. We have also provided legal advice to multiple industries, from industrial and retail to commercial and rural leasing. We also offer price-certainty, for your peace of mind. Call our commercial property team today on 0808 196 8584 or complete the form on this page.

Our Services

Assisting Commercial Landlords

We can draft and review all types of commercial, retail and industrial leases for your UK properties. We can also provide assistance with negotiating with tenants, or other lessors to ensure your investment is protected.

Assisting Commercial Tenants

We can help you with negotiating the terms of your lease, including common terms such as rent, transfer, duration, exit and renewal options). If you are looking to sublet your premises or assign it, we can draft the necessary documents and assist you with negotiations.

Resolving Breaches of Commercial Leases

In the circumstances where a tenant or landlord breaches your lease, we can help with lease related dispute resolution. A Breach of Lease can often be resolved quickly and cost-effectively without going to court.

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