If you are looking at the next stage in your business journey, you may be ready to buy a business or sell your existing company. Business sales can be a daunting prospect. However, with careful planning, you can improve the outcome and reduce your risk.

When buying a business or company, prospective buyers should:

  • undertake a due diligence process by gathering information about the business on offer;
  • find out about the business’ primary assets, who owns them, and whether there are any ongoing liabilities, such as tax liabilities, should you wish to make an asset purchase;
  • identify employees you wish to retain, and understand the key terms in their employment contracts;
  • confirm if the business premises are suitable and will remain available; and
  • ensure the business is valued correctly and the purchase price is accurate. 

When selling a business, business owners should:

  • undertake due diligence;
  • have an expert lawyer draft your sales agreements; and
  • where needed, inform parties such as landlords, suppliers, and or franchisors. You may need their permission to facilitate the sale.

Buying or selling business assets in the UK can be a complicated transaction. However, LegalVision’s experienced commercial contracts lawyers can help you reduce stress and manage the associated risks across the entire process.

Whether you are the buyer or seller, our commercial lawyers have experience with business purchases and sales across multiple industries. Our solicitors can provide specialist legal advice to help you with:

  • business purchase or sale agreements;
  • asset purchase or sale agreements;
  • share purchase or sale agreements;
  • legal due diligence.

In addition to professional advice, our business solicitors offer price certainty, providing you with further peace of mind.

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Our Services

Drafting and Reviewing Documents

We can draft and review all documents related to the business sale process, including Heads of Agreement, Asset Sale Agreement, Sale of Business Agreement, Share and Unit Sale Agreement and Share Sale Agreement.

Assisting with Negotiation and Settlement

We can assist with all aspects of the transaction, including settlement assistance and liaising with you and the other party’s legal team on the sales process. We can also prepare for your attendance at settlement.

Advising on the Sale Process

If you experience any issues during the business sale process, our team can advise you on the next best steps, whether related to the lease, a contract dispute or a breach of agreement.

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