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How To Recruit Franchisees

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The quality of the relationships you share with your franchisees can play a significant role in the success of your brand. Ensuring solid relationships with your franchisees starts with your recruitment process and finding somebody who is a good fit for your franchise network. If you hire the wrong franchisee, you run the risk of diminishing your business’ brand and long-term growth. This article will explain the four steps to recruit the right franchisee for your franchise network. 

1. Prepare Your Franchise Documents

If this is your first time franchising your business, you must create a franchise agreement. You should also make a detailed franchise operations manual and a disclosure document. These are explained further in the following table. 

Document Explanation 
Franchise agreement The franchise agreement is a legally binding document. The agreement grants the franchisee the rights to use the franchisor’s:
+ trade marks;
+ branding;
+ operating systems; 
+ products; and
+ services. 

The agreement also establishes the relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee. The agreement will include details of the responsibilities and obligations of each party. 
Operations manualThe franchise operations manual is a comprehensive guide franchisors write and give to their franchisees. Within the operations manual, the franchisor will explain all aspects of the business and how franchisees should run their units.
Disclosure document Franchisors can give a franchise disclosure document to prospective franchisees. Within it, the franchisor can include aspects such as:
+ financial information; 
+ the previous experience of key personnel;
+ the history of the franchised business; and 
+ details of any legal disputes that the business or key personnel are involved in. 

It is best practice to provide this document to prospective franchisees at the same time you give them the franchise agreement. The document allows the prospective franchisee to conduct their due diligence and decide if the opportunity is right for them before signing the binding franchise agreement. 

Beyond just having those documents in place before advertising the franchise opportunity, you must also ensure they are robust and well-written. A lawyer can help ensure the documents protect you, your established brand, and the franchisees.

2. Consider the Ideal Candidate 

Before looking externally and planning how to recruit your ideal franchisee, consider the opportunity you are offering, the type of candidate that would be right for the role, and the quality of the opportunity.

First, you should think of the ideal candidate for the role so you can enter the recruitment process with a precise specification. Preparing a candidate specification avoids wasting time or onboarding a new franchisee who is not quite right for the role is essential. You should think about the: 

  • type of candidate suitable for your franchise network; 
  • attributes a high-quality candidate needs to possess; and
  • favourable characteristics of your current franchisees. 

Once you have considered the type of candidate that would be suitable, you should build a profile. This profile will form the beginning of your recruitment strategy and allow you to target the ideal candidate when advertising the franchise opportunity. 

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3. Advertise to Attract Prospective Franchisees  

Advertising the franchise opportunity is one of the final steps in the franchisee recruitment process. You must be honest and transparent when describing the franchise opportunity. You should include the qualities that make your brand unique and why franchisees should invest. Joining a franchise is often costly for new franchisees, so you should sell your brand. 

You will have a good idea of your target candidate from the profile you have created. Using this profile, you can tailor your advertisements and the advertising platform to the type of candidate you hope to attract. You may advertise in many different ways, including through:

  • an online franchise opportunity platform or social media; 
  • a franchise marketer; or
  • a trade show. 

4. Onboard the Franchisee 

Once you have found a prospective franchisee through a successful recruitment campaign, you can begin the onboarding process. At this stage, conducting due diligence is vital. Your due diligence includes:

  • checking the potential franchisee’s references; and 
  • meeting them to verify their suitability for the role.

You will provide the prospective franchisee with the franchise agreement. At this point, you can also give them the disclosure document and the operations manual. Once they sign the agreement, you will have a new franchisee. You should consider beginning your relationship by offering them a comprehensive training package and access to ongoing support. 

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Key Takeaways 

The franchisee recruitment process consists of:

  1. creating the necessary legal documents; 
  2. considering your ideal candidate; 
  3. advertising to attract prospective franchisees; and
  4. onboarding the new franchisee.

To find the right franchisees, you must create the legal documents that form the basis of your relationship with franchisees. Then, you need to develop a profile of attributes your ideal candidate will possess and keep this in mind throughout the recruitment process. You will onboard the new franchisee once you advertise and successfully find a candidate.  

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